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Welcome to Deorum! When first joining the site this should be your first 'pit' stop. Why? Because it holds the amazing rules and regulations that keep the site running smoothly. It'll only take you a couple of minutes so please have the courtesy to read our rules and regulations as they are very important!
CLAIMS & INCENTIVES (Jul 24, 2021 13:22:25 GMT 12) by Celestine
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Lore has all of the information needed to refresh your memory - where are the clans based, what's the plot, what are the clan names? Whether you are a new member of the family or a veteran, being up-to-date doesn't hurt anyone!
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Like all good sites, we're not without our help and suggestions board.

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Character creation
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Once you have familiarized yourself with the rules and read up on our lore, you may begin to fill out the sites character application template.
Accepted characters
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Characters that have been officially approved by a staff member will be moved here shortly after. The character is then further organized into a sub-board according to their allegiance. All deceased characters are put into a separate category.
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Character adopts, clan adopts, wanted threads and litter threads can all be found within the classifieds.
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Connect with other members by creating a plotter!
Personal Development
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All Deorum members can request their own personal development board. You can use these for anything you like - mood boards, templates, trackers, plotters, etc.
Character Testing
Don't they know that frost can kill? (Jun 29, 2021 16:57:19 GMT 12) by hawkfrost
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Have a character in mind, but unsure of their roleplay style and personality? Feel free to test them out with a one-off thread or post here.

Please note: These threads do not count to the actual *story* of the roleplay. They are just tests.


guess i'm doing fine (Jul 24, 2021 16:13:30 GMT 12) by Cardinalberry ❦
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The ShadowClan camp is an old, abandoned cave. It may have once housed a family of bears, or a pack of wolves. Whatever it was, is long gone. The cave provides plenty of shelter and warmth. It is secure, with rocks littered around the edges.


Can We Handle A Little Risk? [Tagged] (Jul 24, 2021 18:25:20 GMT 12) by Tumblestar
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The ThunderClan camp is sheltered between two mountainous peaks. It makes for an incredibly sheltered camp - not only from the elements, but predators too.


Hello There! (Open and tagged!) (Jul 23, 2021 7:02:02 GMT 12) by Mistyfoot
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At the base of the Misty Falls, the water is fairly shallow. There is also a large overhanging oak tree. This is where the heart of RiverClan can be found. The cats have made their dens in small rocky burrows and around the base of the oak. Young kits are often allowed to play in and around the water since it is so shallow.


For Curiosity's Sake [tagged] (Jul 24, 2021 20:31:31 GMT 12) by geckopaw
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WindClan’s camp is butted up against some shallow hills, not quite as steep as the rolling hills. The camp is still exposed with no shelter, as these cats tend to prefer. But, the hills does help protect them against some of the harsh winds that can roll in from the west


Connecting with the Past
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This board is used for past threads, i.e ones taken place before the current conditions within the clans.
An Alternative Tail
Return to the Clans - Deorum Adventure (Jul 24, 2021 13:17:27 GMT 12) by Celestine
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This is a space for users to really get creative. It is effectively an alternative universe board where people can play out unlikely scenarios, or try different paths for their characters. What happens here does not apply to the current storyline, but it is always fun to see what may have been?

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Do you own, co-own, or help administrate a warrior cats, multi-species, wolf, or some other type of roleplay forum? Apply to become an affiliate with us!
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Have we already hit you with our advertisement and you're here to return the favor? Post under this board then! This board is also for all accepted advertisements or ones we have "linked back"!